24/7 Sobriety Programs address repeat drunk driving and other alcohol-related offenses by separating participants from the root cause of their crimes: alcohol. In these programs, every DUI offender is supervised for alcohol consumption to encourage compliance and accountability.

The state of South Dakota pioneered the 24/7 Program, having started it 15 years ago. Today, there is emerging evidence indicating that 24/7 can be successful in other states. Join us for a one-hour webinar and hear from two experts to explore recent research and program application success.

Join us on December 17th to:

  • Receive an overview of the South Dakota 24/7 Sobriety Program
  • Review the role that technology and data play in the development of a successful program
  • Gain insight into the impact that 24/7 Sobriety Programs have on participant compliance and outcomes
  • Hear from the RAND Drug Policy Research Center about the diverse research that is being conducted

Who Should Attend?

This free, 1-hour event is ideal for anyone who wants to know more about the 24/7 Program model for working with alcohol-involved clients, or who want to broaden their insight into the future of the program in other states.