Is Your Alcohol Monitoring Program Facing Challenges? Most Do.

Supervised sobriety is an effective way to manage the alcohol offender, but nearly every court and probation program nationwide experiences challenges when it comes to monitoring offenders for alcohol. What if there was a way to truly know that your alcohol offenders were staying sober and your efforts were having an impact on recidivism?

Download our 11-page white paper to learn:

  • The challenge of high alcohol metabolism rates in alcohol-addicted offenders
  • Behavioral patterns of addicted offenders
  • The balancing act between the cost of monitoring and the risk of each offender
  • Funding challenges that make implementation of regular alcohol monitoring difficult
  • The obstacle of justifying a comprehensive alcohol program
  • How to assess the effectiveness of your program using Sober Days™, an evidence-based monitoring metric that shows you the percentage of your offenders who are guaranteed to be alcohol-free in any 24-hour period.